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Christ Community Church of Columbus, Georgia, prayerfully seeks a Full Time Pastor of Children’s Ministries.

Christ Community Church is a vibrant, culturally diverse, spirit-filled body of believers who seek to “awaken ordinary people to extraordinary life in Christ-centered community.” Primary responsibilities: “To develop, organize, and lead a comprehensive Christ-centered Children’s Ministry (Birth-5th grades).” Advanced administrative, organizational, public speaking and interpersonal communication skills are a must. Our ideal candidate must be able to relate to children, parents and adults, casting vision to recruit and train adult leaders. Minimum of 2 years experience leading or serving at a high level in a children’s ministry in a church of 500 or more. College degree preferred.

Send cover letter and resume to: Ken Himes at We’ve added the complete Job description as follows…


Under general supervision of the Family Ministries Team Leader, prayerfully directs all ministries to children, birth through 5th grade. Specifically, provides visionary, strategic and administrative leadership for all Children’s Ministry activities and volunteers. These activities include, but are not limited to: Kingdom Kids, Little Kingdom Kids, nursery, childcare, Retreats, Vacation Bible School, Kids Camp, Harvest Festival, prayer weeks, summer events and other seasonal programs.  Director will follow model of leadership development to ensure that each area of ministry has a coach who leads leaders and leaders who lead members.


    1. Takes responsibility for personal spiritual growth through appropriate spiritual disciplines.
    2. Models in attitude, speech, and actions a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ.
    3. Models good biblical stewardship of time, spiritual gifts, and finances.
    4. Follows the Matthew 18 principle of conflict resolution in dealing with church staff and members of the congregation.
    5. Invests in spiritual community by regularly participating in a Community Group.
    6. Attends all worship services, staff Crave (Thursday noon prayer), Prayer Weeks, church-wide special events, and a Community Group (weekly).


  • Leading/Administrative.
    1. Upholds and supports the Mission Statement and Core Values of CCC.
    2. Attends all staff meetings (weekly), Leadership Community gatherings (quarterly), and Staff Retreats (usually 1X/year).
    3. Meets individually with the Family Ministries Team Leader monthly for a personal and ministry evaluation session. A supervision form is utilized and should be completed and given to the Family Ministries Team Leader at least 1 work day prior to the session.
    4. Consults, as required, with the Pastor of Leadership Development to establish and maintain a strong and healthy leadership path.
    5. Maintains confidentiality of information, as appropriate.
    6. Establishes set office hours with the Family Ministries Team Leader.


  • Leading  
    1. Champions a biblically sound and inspiring vision for the spiritual development of children.
    2. Builds and leads a Children’s Ministry Leadership Team consisting of all coaches and key leaders. The purpose of this team is to come alongside the director to provide oversight of every aspect of the ministry. The team should meet as needed (monthly suggested) to pray, dream, encourage, evaluate, plan and communicate vital information.
    3. Champions a vision/mission statement and strategic plan for Children’s Ministries that grows out of the mission statement of the church and consistently casts that vision for the Children’s Ministries team at meetings and through various forms of communication, i.e, social media, parent communication, texts, emails, etc.
    4. Using the Leadership Path model and training materials, ensures that leaders are intentionally and continually developed in every area and level of leadership within the ministry.
    5. Develops and oversees necessary systems for adequately recruiting, training and providing support for all children’s ministry volunteers. Emphasis should be given to ensuring that all volunteers are serving where they are Gifted to Serve. Works with the SERVE Team to effectively assimilate Gifted to Serve graduates who indicate an interest in working with children.
    6. Leads a team meeting of all volunteers on a quarterly basis to build team morale, coach on various topics, and cast vision.
    7. Evaluates the effectiveness of coaches and provides appropriate feedback. Encourages coaches to evaluate their leaders in the same manner.
    8. Works with the Family Ministries Team to create ways of helping children make a healthy and meaningful transition from Children’s Ministry to Student Ministry.
    9. Provides oversight and support for church-sponsored childcare.
    10. Develops a means of regularly communicating with parents in order to cast vision, build support, share vital information, and obtain feedback.
    11. Utilizes church functions (especially those children-focused) as a way of interacting with families, and sharing the vision of Children’s Ministries.

  •  Pastoral Care  

  1. Visits parents of newborns within 48 hours of birth to give pastoral care and information regarding dedication/infant baptism. Works alongside Pastoral Care team in regards to children in crisis – hospital, chronic illness, etc.
  2. Works with the Worship Pastor to coordinate Sunday morning dates that involve children who are to be dedicated or baptized. This will include preparatory meetings to ensure that parents (in the case of dedication) and children (in the case of baptism) fully understand and are ready to respond to the relevant questions.
  3. Leads or participates in CCC’s Baby Crave team that prays over babies that will be baptized or dedicated.
  • Planning/Administrative
    1. With the help of the coaches, sets goals (at least annually) for Children’s Ministry. These goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and timely.
    2. Gives administrative oversight to all age-level and ministry team coaches.
    3. Establishes timelines and schedules for all ministry activities.
    4. Ensures that all volunteers are scheduled and notified in a timely manner.
    5. Ensures that all volunteers have the curricula and materials needed to carry out their responsibilities with excellence.
    6. Maintains Kingdom Kids database and ensures timely follow-up with Parents of Children attendees through myCCC connections or Kingdom Kids database.
    7. Develops an annual budget and submits it to the Family Ministries Team Leader for approval.
    8. Coordinates and arranges all logistical functions for the ministries to include audio-visual support, facilities, snacks, special equipment, etc.
    9. Takes responsibility for the creation and distribution of all communications to children, volunteers, and parents (Newsletter, Birthday cards, bulletin boards, web site, pamphlets, flyers, “We Miss You” cards, etc…). Director is encouraged to develop leaders to assist with these ministry opportunities.


  • Knowledge
    1. A current and growing understanding of Biblical discipleship as it pertains to children.
    2. Volunteer organizations.
    3. Organizational management.
    4. Leadership development.
    5. Project management.
    6. Scheduling and budgeting procedures.
    7. Strategic planning for children’s ministries.
    8. First aid emergency procedures.
  • Skills
    1. The ability to recruit, build and work with a team of volunteers and develop leaders.
    2. The ability to create appropriate organizational structures to support ministry goals and plans.
    3. The ability to determine and manage necessary processes for the launching of new events, activities or programs.
    4. Adequate verbal communications skills to present clear, concise instructions and responses.
    5. Ability to work without close supervision.
    6. Ability to work through conflict and other stressful situations with emotional stability, objectivity, and optimism.
    7. Develop and maintain rapport with children, parents, and staff.
    8. Submit and be loyal to constituted authority.
    9. Computer literacy skills in Microsoft Office (preferred). ACS knowledge preferred.
  • Values
    1. The importance and priority of the family-Church partnership.
    2. An appreciation for and willingness to submit to godly authority.
    3. Servant leadership.
    4. Loyalty to other staff members and volunteers.
    5. A commitment to excellence.
    6. Initiative in work and relationships
    7. Putting people before process and tasks.
    8. Honesty and authenticity in relationships.


Credentials and Experience. 

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • At least 2 years experience leading a children’s ministry
  • Served in a high-level support role in a church of 500 or more.


Special Requirements. 

  • Has received Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
  • Embraces core values of Christ Community Church.
  • Willing to become a member of Christ Community Church.
  • Willing to work outside normal hours (9:00 am to 5:00 pm) and on weekends.
  • Willing to attend training workshops to update knowledge and skills.
  • Willing to use personal vehicle for travel.



  • The opportunity to be a part of a staff team that is characterized by the following principles of authentic biblical community:
    • An atmosphere of love and mutual support where honest and authentic relationships with God and others is essential.
    • A commitment to putting people before process.
    • The willingness to speak the truth in love to one another.
    • A commitment to the Matthew 18 principle of conflict resolution. Triangulation of relationships within the staff and between staff and volunteers will not be tolerated.
    • A commitment to the Ephesians 4 principle of ministry. The primary responsibility of the staff is to equip the whole body for works of service.
  • An environment where leaders are free to lead with minimal restrictions and organizational impediments. Under appropriate supervision and in accordance with the mission statement of Christ Community Church, staff members and other leaders are encouraged to listen to God, plan appropriately, and carry out their ministry as God leads.
  • A strong commitment to each staff member’s personal, spiritual, and professional development.
  • An approach to ministry that protects the sanctity of the family. Each staff member will be held accountable to spending appropriate time with family.
  • An opportunity to be a part of a learning community in which excellence is sought in all things, change is not only allowed but expected, and vision is not stifled by the fear of failure.

Limited assistance from the administrative assistant. An administrative assistant will be available to take messages, copy materials with appropriate lead time, and receive and send mail.


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