Children and Family Pastor

Job Details

Minister/Director to Children and Families
Ministry Description
The primary function of the Minister /Director to
Children and Families is to introduce children (birth through grade 5) to God’s love and
His desire for them to become disciples. This minister/director
will equip and guide parents/guardians to lead their children spiritually.
Status: Full time
A. Participate and lead in worship services—weekly and occasional (weddings,
funerals, communion, baptism, etc.)
B. Guide children through instruction and example as to the
meaning and importance of worship
C. Plan and coordinate age-­‐appropriate worship experiences for children
D. Lead in Children’s Moment during corporate worship
E. Plan and lead in parent/child dedications
F. Recruit and equip adult leaders to assist in preparing for children’s worship
and guiding children in worship to encounter God and experience His love
G. Guide parents and guardians in implementing times of worship at home as a
A. Children

1. Develop small groups for children (e.g., Growth Groups, Children’s Discipleship
Groups, Extended Teaching Care, etc.) by developing and coordinating an age-­‐
appropriate, Bible-­‐centered curriculum that addresses their various learning styles
in order to shape the spiritual formation of children
2. Develop, train, and coordinate leaders/volunteers for children, empowering them
to love children and teach them in an age-­‐appropriate manner so as to lead them to
a relationship with Jesus Christ
3. Empower, instruct, and equip parents in the spiritual formation of their children
4. Plan signal celebrations around milestones in the life of children and their families
(e.g., 1st grade Bible signing)
B. Adults
1. Model personally the importance and significance of being actively committed to a
small group
2. Nurture and in spire every member to be involved in a small group Bible study
3. Develop and coordinate a comprehensive Bible-­‐centered curricula for Growth
Groups and other small groups
4. Equip small group leaders so that they can be better prepared to shepherd their
small groups
5. Recruit leaders for our small group ministry
6. Stay current with methods, curriculum, and resources regarding small groups and
spiritual formation
7. Form special small groups around special needs within our church membership and
community (e.g., Grief Support Group, Caring for Aging Parents, Divorce Recovery, etc.)
A. Set as his/her goal to reach the children and their families for Jesus Christ
B. Facilitate the planning for VBS
C. Reach out to children who are hospitalized and/or who have experienced loss
D. Plan “special events” as an opportunity (1) to foster community for the
children and (2) to reach out to our community
E. Plan ongoing opportunities for missions for children
F. Plan and coordinate weekly missions education during the school year and
ongoing missions’ emphases throughout the year
A. Loves Jesus, loves children and their families passionately
B. Passionate about the local church
C. Embody the core values of our church
D. Strong communicator
E. Strong work ethic
F. Concrete-­‐sequential thinker—i.e., effective planner
G. Attitude of constantly improving
H. Teachable
I. Works well in leading teams to discover God’s direction
J. Can evaluate effectiveness of current programming and suggest changes that
increase greater spiritual impact
K. Proficiency and appreciation of the role of technology in children’s ministry
A. Four year college degree and experience required
B. Graduate study in children’s ministry or related field preferred

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