Preteen Pastor/Minister

Job Details

We are looking for the right person to join our NextGen team as partner with parents to give kids a place to belong, a message to believe in, and an opportunity to become more and more like Jesus. We are looking for somebody that loves kids and wants to develop a preteen environment for our 3rd through 5th Grade Students. We want somebody who will bring passion and excitement to that age group as they lead a team of great volunteers as well as work closely with additional children’s and student ministry to set vision and direction of our overall NextGen ministry.

The following is our job description for this position: 

Title: 3rd grade thru 5th grade minister
I report to: Associate Pastor of NextGen Ministries

-Serve as a Children’s Ministry Team Member in the following areas: Vacation Bible School, Sunday morning programming, Wednesday evening programming, and other special events.

-Take primary responsibility for the curriculum development, resource selection, and scheduling for all 3rd grade thru 5th grade programs and events.

-Take primary responsibility for the recruiting and training of volunteers for all 3rd grade thru 5th grade programs and events.

– Coordinate with Middle School Ministry a transition plan to help move 5th graders into 6th Grade middle school ministry

– Assist on Middle School Ministry trips as needed to help create an environment on trips that encourages an easy transition between ministries
– Plan and organize a 3-5th Grade 1-Day Retreat

– Create opportunities to 3-5th Grade students to invite their friends to events and weekly programs

-Take primary responsibility for Faith’s Bible Exploration Program (milestone program).

-Ensure that all volunteers within your ministry follow all children’s ministry policies and procedures.

-Assist the Director of Children’s Ministry in the training and equiping of parents.

-Assist the senior pastor in the implementation of faith’s vision.

-Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Children’s Ministry.

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