Director of Student Ministries

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Position Description:        Director of Student Ministries or Most Awesome Person On Campus

Purpose: Ensures a loving, nurturing and safe environment for the youth of SHPC (grades 5–12) and their families. Responsible for development and implementation of a comprehensive program of spiritual growth for middle school and high school youth.  Responsible for implementing the biblical process of call to invite, train, equip and develop teachers and volunteers working in the ministry.

Accountability: Serves under the direction of the Senior Pastor and is accountable to the Session through the Personnel Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities:

•             Demonstrates consistent ethical behavior and models an authentic Christian lifestyle for students and their families.

•             Builds on existing student program that continues to invite young people into a relationship with Jesus Christ and promotes continued growth in faithful discipleship, including Sunday School, Confirmation, mission/outreach projects, small groups, Bible studies, trips, retreats and conferences.

•             Invites into ministry, supports, and encourages a team of adult and student leaders to invest in student ministry, and conducts regular leader training events to equip those leaders.

•             Supervises and manages the development of student ministry staff, including additional directors and summer interns (if necessary) and teams of volunteers.

•             Empowers and equips the Youth Committee; invests in their training, encourages them to actively build relationships with students at church and wherever they spend time.

•             Develops, refines and implements a comprehensive curriculum for students and oversees the planning, implementation and evaluation of all youth ministries/programs and vision for the future.

•             Provides resources, support and assistance to parents so they can faithfully carry out their role as the primary developers of faith in their young people’s lives, and encourages family participation in student activities.

•             Works with administrative staff to publicize programs of middle and high school ministry.

•             Manages content development and maintenance of student-specific social media platforms including webpage, Facebook and others.

•             Works with Finance Team to project and maintain the annual student ministry budget.

•             Attends all staff meetings and Youth Committee meetings.

•             Collaborates with other ministry areas in intergenerational programming.

•             Works with the Orange Strategy of Student Ministry.

Minimum Education  And Experience Required:

Any combination of education and experience equivalent to:

 Education: Bachelor’s degree in Education or related field and

Experience: Three years of experience in youth ministries, youth education programs or related experience, including supervisory experience in a professional environment.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:

•             Knowledge of principles and practices of student ministry for youth from grades 5-12 with a proven track record in student ministry, either as a volunteer or staff, a portion of which was performed in a church setting; and a commitment to family-based student ministry.

•             Skills in building strong teams, resolving conflicts and developing relationships with adults of all ages.

•             Skills in communication (written and verbal), organizational, administrative and computer skills;

•             Skill in being detail-oriented, entrepreneurial and getting work done through others.

•             Ability to work cooperatively and collaboratively with SHPC staff, volunteers, members of the congregation and outside organizations;

•             Ability to be punctual, pressure-tolerant and dependable in meeting deadlines and goals.

•             Ability to demonstrate a mature personal spiritual relationship with God and a deep commitment to Jesus Christ and His Church, and to uphold the reformed tradition of the church.

•             A love for middle school and high school students and a commitment to help them grow and mature in their Christian faith.

Performance: Reviews are conducted annually by the Senior Pastor in coordination with the

Evaluation:     Personnel Committee. Ratings are based on how well employee achieves success in Key Performance Indicators (below).

Key Performance Indicator
45% Weight
1.         Demonstrates professional knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for efficient completion of tasks. Continues to expand knowledge of job and church ministries/programs.

a.          Works closely with Senior Pastor to develop youth

ministry programs and events and pray for the ministry at hand and the families.

b.         Recruits and trains leadership for youth ministry programs as well as recruiting a volunteer base.

c.          Exercises sound judgement based on professional expertise and takes responsibility for decisions.

2.         Demonstrates good interpersonal/communication skills

a.          Demonstrates willingness and ability to create good interpersonal relationships with co-workers.

b.         Effectively coordinates, cooperates, and collaborates on assignments with staff at all levels

c.          Exhibits good communication skills w/pastors, staff, session and committees, conveying ideas clearly and concisely in both individual and group situations.


3.         Application of administrative skills

a.          Demonstrates independence/initiative/orientation toward results and a positive attitude. Initiates projects, anticipates changes, sets new priorities, follows through and meets deadlines.

b.         Demonstrates ability to work with others as a team.

c.          Creates publicity documents as needed, including newsletter articles, “yellow pages”, website inserts, etc.

d.         In conjunction with Senior Pastor, effectively builds and reviews program budget throughout the year.

e.          Effectively expresses individual viewpoints while considering and learning from co-worker input.

f.            Effectively utilizes planning and organization skills to accomplish objectives. Makes proper assignments of personnel and resources. Sets realistic target dates.


4.         Application of additional attributes

a.          Demonstrates caring and positivity about the work being done and fellow employees.

b.         Demonstrates ability to acknowledge problems without placing blame or being pessimistic.

c.          Demonstrates desire to continue learning new ideas for worship and technologies that support it.

d.         Supports supervisor and co-workers.

e.          Practices dependability and punctuality.

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