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The Experience Community is a 9 years old Non denominational church in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. In just nine years God has grown a congregation of almost 3000 of the most eclectic and broken people in attendance each week. We are also a multi-site  church with a campus in Woodbury Tennessee and with anothe campus in the works in Rockvale Tennessee to begin in the near future . Our church’s vision is to lead people to Christ through  “Authentic Worship, Authentic Community, and Authentic Community Service”. We execute that by being community focused in simple and strategic ways and by doing everything with excellence.

We’re looking for an experienced Student Pastor who has served full time in Student Ministries (not just an intern) in a church of 500 or more for at least 3 years. As part of the NextGen team the Student Pastor will report directly to the Family Pastor.

Here’s the complete job description and other expectations for this opportunity:

Job Description:  

  • Leads high school students into a deeper relationship with Christ (following the model of Matt. 28:19-baptizing, making disciples, and teaching)
  • Creates a path following the Vision Statement of The Experience Community that allows students to move from worship, community, and into community service/leadership
    • Authentic Worship- planning lessons, over-seeing worship teams, & creating a worship environment for Wednesday night gathering.
    • Authentic Community- building relationships with students outside of church through being proactive and available, taking them on outings, retreats and trips, and seeking them out during Sunday services.
    • Authentic Community Service- planning opportunities for students to serve Christ outside of church through service projects, missions, etc.
  • Maintains, oversees, and supervises the cleaning, maintenance, and up-keep of the student ministry facility
  • Oversees all forms of communications for Student Ministry (social media, e-mail, phone-calls, etc.)
  • Builds and maintains rapport and trust with parents of students within the church via communication and relationships.
  • Over-sees, leads, and communicates with youth ministry team volunteers
  • Updates and maintains database, records, and files (includes background checks for volunteers/workers, contact information for students, release forms for outings/trips)
  • Prepares and organizes materials for weekly student ministry environments
  • Prepares procedural documents (showing the processes involving getting new volunteers involved, taking overnight trips, etc.)
  • Plans and coordinates events, outreaches, retreats and gatherings
  • Invests relationally in students and their families, to include time outside of scheduled church events (eats lunch with students at local high schools)
  • Seeks opportunities to evangelize area students by being proactive in the local community and school system
  • Contributes and is a “team player” to the church’s vision with other members of the ECC staff and volunteers (is willing to put aside personal preferences/agendas for the sake of the larger vision of the church)
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the Family Pastor

Other Expectations of position:

  • With all leadership positions, especially paid positions, the following things are expected:
  • To be present at one of the worship services every week unless you are traveling or sick
  • To be Christ-like in word, deed, in places we go, in relationships we have with others
  • This also applies to our spouses (if applicable)
  • To have a good reputation
  • To not be known for slander, gossip, or negativity
  • To always speak positively about The Experience and to talk to the Pastor first if any problems arise
  • To report to the Family Pastor weekly
  • To keep the FP informed of needs, projects, etc.
  • To work well with other leaders at The Experience
  • We are a team, and we need to learn to adapt to other personalities and styles
  • To come to scheduled meetings unless sick or out of town
  • To contribute 10% to the cause and mission of The Experience Community via tithe

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