RightPath 4/6 Assessments

This is the hiring accuracy tool we use on all our custom searches to help insure team fit up to 75%. We recommend you purchase a RP4/6 assessment for each member of your team as well as each serious candidate.

Path4 teamed with Path6 provides unique insights into individuals and teams that are unattainable by any existing stand-alone assessment or by interview alone. 

RightPath Path4 profile is our X-ray.  By measuring natural, “Go to” behaviors, Path4 gives individuals key insights for understanding self, others, and teams.  Using a four-factor, eight-trait format, Path4 gives individuals an easy-to-read report highlighting typical strengths and struggles and an easy-to-remember blended profile name.  

RightPath Path6 is our MRI offering a display of natural behaviors as uncovered by a forced-choice, on-line assessment.  Path6 adds depth and insight by breaking down the six factors of the tool into sixteen subfactors which reveal how each behavioral trait is displayed.  The subfactors help individuals understand their predictable hard-wired behavior, motivations and natural preferences. The additional detail of Path6 is a critical part of behavioral interviewing in hiring and leadership development of existing employees. 

Purchase 5 or more RP4/6 assessments for your team and we’ll throw in a team matrix free. (A $199 value)

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