Orchard Church

The Mission of Orchard Church is Helping People Find and Follow Jesus. How does that happen? What do we do as a church to fulfill that Mission? We do exactly what Jesus did, make disciples, through the process of Reach, Relate, and Reproduce. We reach through relevant weekend services and local outreach, relate through our groups ministry, and reproduce through our one-on-one intentional discipleship process.

Orchard Church is a Christ-centered, nondenominational church that believes in keeping things simple and fulfilling the Great Commission. We operate based on a simple list of values:

  • ●  We are about building His Kingdom, not our kingdom

  • ●  We always ask, “What does the Bible say?”

  • ●  We pray as if everything depends upon God and work as if everything depends upon us.

  • ●  We focus on church health, which fosters church growth.

  • ●  We reach people no one is reaching by doing things no one is doing.

  • ●  We love people more than programs and give up things we love for things we love even


  • ●  We are worship participants, not merely spectators and we are church contributors, not

    church consumers.

  • ●  We give our best for God, because he gave His best for us.

  • ●  We act our wage by giving first, saving second and living on the rest.

  • ●  We keep it real.

  • ●  We are a church for our community, not just in our community.

    Orchard Church was recently named the #7 fastest growing church in the nation by Outreach Magazine. The church currently welcomes over 2,500 people per week to its five weekend worship services. It is a growing, vibrant, and dynamic church that consistently strives to improve our ability to reach people for Christ. Because 90% of the surrounding area claims no church affiliation, Orchard Church is very intentional in our efforts to reach families who do not yet attend church. We have been blessed to extend our impact outside our walls, through our support of community projects, missionaries, feeding centers, church plants, and local ministries.

    Our vision is to Multiply Disciple Making Churches. In 2010 Orchard Church planted its’ first church, Orchard Church of Erie, which has been self-sustaining for several years. Then in 2015, Orchard Latino launched to reach the Spanish speaking community. By the end of 2020, Orchard Church has set ministry goals to see 5,000 people make a decision for Christ, 1,500 people follow Jesus in baptism, and to launch our first multisite location. Our vision is to plant and support multiple churches so that people in other communities have more opportunity to Find and Follow Jesus.