the Church at Battlecreek

In November 2002, Dr. Alex Himaya stood in front of a small gathering of believers at Gracemont Church in Tulsa and shared his vision for a new church—one that would breathe new life into the meaning of faith and service. He said, “Tulsa does not need another church. What Tulsa does need is a safe environment where the unchurched can come and hear the life-changing truth that Jesus Christ cares for them and died for their sin.” This moment of revelation marked the beginning of The Church at BattleCreek, which officially opened its doors on August 14, 2003.

Since then, the church has founded five new campus locations, established global mission teams, and inspired a movement passionately cultivated by followers across Tulsa, America, and the world. While the growth of the church is a blessing, the lasting impact and true success is measured by something far greater: changed lives. The church strives to glorify God by helping all people advance in their journey with Christ. Our story is your story—we follow the path with Jesus together and we write the next chapter of our church as one.