Neighborhood Church

Neighborhood Church exists to inspire people wherever they are to live like Jesus wherever they go. It all started 70 years ago, when a young couple, Bob and Lucille Willems, moved to town and bought a house on the walking route for kids on their way to the local elementary school. This inspired them to start a kids club where they played volleyball, ate cupcakes and talked about Jesus with kids from the Neighborhood. Well, pretty soon the parents wanted to participate and two years later the Willems realized they had accidentally started a church.

Today, this remains the heart and DNA of Neighborhood Church, which is a growing and thriving church of close to 2,000 people. Recently, Neighborhood Church added additional space for kids and students as well as refreshed their entire campus to create environments for people to connect and take their next steps.

Neighborhood Church is excited about the future as the community around them continues to grow and expand. At Neighborhood you often hear people say that the church is “FOR” our community and that “we are FOR Visalia because we are in Visalia.”