New Heights Church

New Heights Bentonville is a church with a mission to love God passionately and love people tangibly. New Heights Bentonville is a church plant established in 2013. We have steadily grown over the past 5 years and now have 400+people who call NHB home. 

We value the gospel.

The good news about Jesus’ life, death and resurrection is the focus of our mission. It’s all about Jesus, it’s all for Jesus, and Jesus gets all the credit.

We value the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives.

We are all baptized by one Spirit. We actively seek and expect the Holy Spirit’s guidance, direction, and empowerment.

We value the Word of God.

We read it, meditate on it, teach it, and apply it to our lives by embracing Biblical values as a lifestyle.

We value worship.

Intimate and passionate worship fuels what we do, and it sensitizes us to God’s power and presence. It’s our highest calling. The Lover of our souls delights in our delight of Him.

We value prayer.

Like worship, prayer is an important part of our relationship with Jesus. We believe prayer changes things. We embrace the Biblical reality that spiritual warfare is the context of our lives. Prayer is a powerful spiritual resource in our battle to advance the Kingdom.

We value people.

We believe all people matter to God. We believe we are especially called to care for the hurting, the broken, the poor, and the marginalized. We are a healing community.

We value authentic, Christ-centered relationships.

We are relationship- driven in every area of ministry. We share life through Christ-centered small groups. We have a relational approach to evangelism and discipleship.

We value the great commission.

We work to make disciples both locally and globally, from every race and culture. We send out workers and plant churches so that “the Lamb who was slain will receive the reward for His suffering.”

We value unity.

Within the bounds of historic Christianity, we will focus on the Savior who unites us and the essential truths of Scripture rather than smaller issues that can divide us.

We value team.

Two are always better than one. Teams provide encouragement, accountability, and increased effectiveness. God calls every believer to serve, and gives them gifts to use. Therefore, we release people to serve in teams. We are all called to serve, so we serve together.

We value generosity.

We embrace sacrificial living and generous giving as a way of life. We leverage our time, talents, influence, and financial resources for Christ’s Kingdom.

We value the sanctity of marriage.

We believe God has designed marriage to be a lifelong union of one man and one woman, as husband and wife.

We are located in Bentonville, AR. Bentonville is apart of the fast growing Northwest Arkansas community with 37 new people a day moving to NWA. Bentonville is the home of Walmart and because of this there is an incredible global influence in the city. People from all over the country and the world are coming to live and work in Bentonville and the Gospel opportunity is great.