Capital City Christian Church

About Capital City Christian Church


Capital City is a church with an average worship attendance of about 850.  We are located in Frankfort, the capital of Kentucky, a town of about 25,000 (though the town feels larger because so many state services are headquartered here).  Although our church is over 50 years old, we are deeply committed to a “missional” approach to ministry.  We believe the message must never change, but the methods must be constantly tweaked to stay effectively on mission.  Our worship style is contemporary, though we are serious about being multi-generational.


We recognize the extraordinary importance of our children’s and student ministries.  We also recognize the serious issues most churches have keeping their students.  We don’t want to be one of those places where as students graduate from high school they also graduate from church.  So our goal is to connect our students, not just with our youth group, but with God and his church.  We believe some of the pieces that will help include building strong families, connecting our students with multiple Christian adults, engaging our students in vibrant multi-generational worship experiences, and engaging them in service.


We also recognize that at our size we will need our student minister to be more than a kid magnet. They will need to understand both how to grow students, and how to build a team committed to growing students. They will also need to embrace our vision, mission, and core values so our youth programs will fit seamlessly into the big picture.


Our Vision:

  • Capital City is a place where God is building Christ-Driven, 24/7 Christians


Our Mission:

  • We believe our task is to help people move along a path to Christian maturity, from “Just Looking,”to “Getting Started,”to “Digging Deeper,”to “All In.”
  • To facilitate movement along this path …
    • we try to engage each person in weekly “Worship”
    • we help them “Connect”with at least a few other Jesus followers (primarily through our Life Groups)
    • we help them “Grow”by challenging them to develop a life with God outside of “church,” and to provide opportunities for deeper study in the Word outside of Sunday morning worship
    • and we challenge each of our people to “Serve” in some way, using the gifts God has given each of us to live for a cause bigger than ourselves.


Some of our Core Values:

  • Empowered by God’s Spirit:
    • (1) The Bible is Our Final Authority
    • (2) We Are Captivated by Grace
    • (3) We Are a Holy People
    • (4) We Are Culturally Relevant
    • (5) We Pursue Excellence in All Things