Anona United Methodist Church


Anona has many members and visitors who would call us their church home.  Some are here all year while others stay only for a season.  We are a church community that is made up of all generations, and we invite you to visit us!

·         Dress is informal. Come as you are, even for our Traditional Service.

·         The services start on time, but many people come early and spend time in our Fellowship Area enjoying coffee and conversation.

You will find your place to belong at one of our services.  Messages are meant to be functional as we seek to work out our own salvation through Jesus Christ on our spiritual journey. You can expect to hear good theology, but also walk away with ways to incorporate the Gospel in your everyday life.

We are happy to be a church of a very inclusive people:  Its our culture.  What does that mean?  Some of us are conservative, some liberal, some drink, some don’t, some gay, most straight, and some comfortable with that and some not.  We are mostly white, but growing in our diversity.  What unites us is that we are all attracted to the thought of a Christian life that is meaningful and purposeful.  

When you are here, we hope you can breathe in God (be inspired), feel at home, and be part of this church family.  We have 3 campuses inclusive of 8 services. Our goal is to continue reaching all generations and to remain relevant in the lives of families.

You can also expect to see a church with a very MISSIONAL heart!  Anona has groups that grow spiritually together, volunteer together, and make the world better together. To embody these ideas is to grow closer to both God and each other.

We are one of the most growing United Methodist churches in the world (but trust me, we break into small bite size pieces).  There is a place for you here.