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Who We Are

Riverside Church is a group of ordinary people who are trying to follow Jesus by living out his commands to love God and to love others. We are a family that extends His grace, mercy, and forgiveness to everyone. No matter what you’ve been through or what questions you might have, we want you to be a part of our family.

Our mission is to make and send disciples who love and live like Jesus. We believe the method Jesus modeled is the most effective reproducible process for making disciples. It is a life-on-life approach that connects us to Jesus and to each other in growing relationships. 

Therefore, our focus is on creating relational environments where people “do life together” and chase after Jesus. A growing disciple of Jesus is someone who chooses to follow Jesus, is being changed by Him, and is committed to the mission with Him (Matthew 4:19).

Riverside Church
Jul 31, 2019
Full time
Children’s Pastor Riverside Church   Purpose To develop and lead the overall vision, direction, and implementation of ministries for children from Birth through 5th grade, including equipping, empowering and resourcing the parents.   Accountability The Children’s Pastor is accountable to and reports to the Executive Director of Community.   Responsibilities: Children’s Ministry Development (60%) Cast and implement clear vision and values that align with and support the mission of Riverside Church and are consistent with the core values Oversee and implement all programming (Birth‐5th) including choosing and implementing biblically sound and culturally relevant curriculum Develop and implement a theme (brand) for children’s ministry with cooperation and approval from the executive director Set direction and staff children’s ministry both paid and volunteer (including training) Develop and manage the children’s ministry budget Coordinate family events and camps for parents and families Develop and implement all safety and security processes in cooperation with the church’s safety and security team Connect with parents developing relationships and the moral authority to speak into their lives and the lives of their children Identify and effectively communicate the missional living (serving and outreach) opportunities in children’s ministries Coordinate and partner with the Student Pastor/Director on a cohesive transitional experience (5th to 6th grade) for kids and their parents Build a discipling culture among Children, Parents and Leaders Develop a game plan to scale the ministry and always be forward thinking to plan for growth Leading and Equipping (30%) - This position requires someone who enjoys seeing others succeed and grow in their leadership abilities. The Children’s Pastor must first be an equipper, and secondly a doer.  Recruit, train, build relationships with, and empower adult and student volunteers to serve in Children’s Ministry areas Equip, empower and resource parents to be the primary disciple‐maker in their homes Lead, manage, coach, and mentor a part‐time paid assistant and volunteer staff Develop into and assume a role in DS1 trainings     Administrative (5%) - This position will lean on the Family Ministry Admin to help make sure leaders and parents are well communicated with and equipped. Develop communication plans to keep staff, volunteers and parents informed including social media and website content and updates Participate in collaboration with the staff; manage communications between ministries that interact with children’s ministry   General Pastoral Responsibilities (5%) - This position will work with our Benevolence game plan to provide biblical care to situations as they arise. Provide biblical counsel to individuals and families with children Birth‐5th grade including talking parents and children through salvation and baptism Provide general pastoral care by assisting the pastors/directors to render visitation, counseling and prayer for hurting members and regular attendees of the congregation Respond to crisis situations which arise in the congregation   Qualifications Graduated from an Accredited College/University Bible and/or Seminary training preferred Previously led a children’s ministry of 100+ children and 50+ volunteers 3‐5 years of children’s ministry experience Desirable skills include: Leadership, Evangelism, Serving Passion and calling to lead/develop leaders and to see children grow in their faith   Teamwork Seeks to develop chemistry with the staff through building trust, showing respect and contributing to a fun and positive team spirit – in short, care for one another and enjoy being together as a team Balances team and individual responsibilities; exhibits objectivity and openness to others' views; gives and welcomes feedback; and supports everyone’s efforts to succeed Must be able to build a team through relationship and ongoing training Identifies, equips and releases leaders to function in their strengths utilizing all members to accomplish the goal of making disciples Must be able to build morale and develop group commitment to goals and objectives   Leadership Strong Character and Integrity...to be above reproach Ability to lead up Ability to hear and understand conflicting needs/interests/opinions and to make the right choice; able to build commitment through consensus‐building and conflict management Ability to manage, care for, and motivate volunteers Has a sense of humor, tender‐hearted and thick‐skinned Takes criticism constructively and invites feedback Ability to scale the ministry and set it up for growth   Communication Ability to clearly and effectively communicate in verbal and written form Able to determine what information to share with whom; maintain confidentiality appropriately Approaches others in a tactful manner, responds vs. reacts under pressure, treats others with respect and consideration Focuses on solving conflict, not blaming; taking responsibility; listening to others without interrupting   Confidence Thinks on their feet Self‐motivated and self‐starter...identifies needs and opportunities and takes initiative and responsibility Confident and humble enough to handle strong personalities Teachable and submitted to those in authority   Commitment To a personal and consistent walk with Jesus Demonstrates a stable, growing, mature Christian life A servant's heart with a teachable and open attitude Passionate about the Vision, Mission and Core Values of Riverside Church To be in a discipling relationship To family To the Staff, Elders and Church Body To getting the job done, not punching a clock mindset   Problem Solving Must be able to identify and resolve problems in a timely manner Develops alternative solutions; works well in group problem solving situations; uses reason even when dealing with emotional topics. Must be flexible, able to assess and adjust as situations change Must be able to think quickly, create a plan of action and take appropriate action during times of crisis Provide Biblical counsel to leaders and parents when needed   Management Ability to handle multiple tasks and priorities Ability to delegate to the right person the appropriate level of responsibility Flexible management styles for volunteers/direct reports ensuring unique gifts/talents are recognized and used and members are accountable for their goals and mistakes (can support, advise and lead others) Ability to recruit, train and shepherd volunteers Ability to lead implementation and follow‐through in a way that builds team   Expectation The scope of the job will be to disciple the disciple‐makers – lead and develop the volunteers and parents who will directly care for and help children grow in their faith and maturity as a believer and disciple of Jesus.