The Summit (Church)

A church of 500 and growing followers of Jesus, positioning ourselves for growth in the south Denver metro area.


Welcoming Wanderers and Wonderers - A church of people like you looking for real friends, honest answers and purpose in life.

Most days you’re happy with your life, but often something doesn’t feel quite right. You have an ok group of friends who know how to have fun, but you often find yourself wondering if fun is all that matters in life. Maybe you just ended a relationship and even when you’re surrounded with friends you feel alone. Maybe you just moved away from your family and don’t know where to find community. Or maybe you’re looking for something more meaningful than another day on the slopes.

At The Summit we understand how messy life can feel. We know the pain of broken relationships. We have experienced the struggle of moving across country. We know what it’s like to wonder, “Is this all there is?” Whatever questions or baggage you have, you’re welcome here. We’ll unpack what you bring with you when you’re ready.

We know there’s more to life. Join us as we find it together at The Summit.