Bonhomme Presbyterian Church

We are a 200 year old church in the suburbs of St. Louis.  With two distinct worship services, one modern and one traditional we are a unique body of faithful Christians.  Our mission is to be a flourishing church that makes disciples of Jesus Christ.  We hope to do that by being a church that invites everyone to hear and respond to the life changing truths of the Gospel. 


While we are not there yet, we imagine being a church that is relentless in inviting people into God’s story and unleashing them into the world. We imagine a church where hospitality is contagious, and warmth bubbles out of every interaction and in every corner of the building. We imagine a church where anyone, young or old, first-timer or long-timer, can discover their role in the party God is throwing in Chesterfield.  We imagine a church where a real encounter with Jesus is the norm; where it is commonplace to hear God’s voice.  We imagine a church where people clearly and irresistibly respond to his voice with their whole lives.  We imagine a church where faith makes a difference in the everyday; where people are gathered together to hear God and then sent out into their neighborhoods, their communities, their city and their world.