LPCKids Pastor

  • Life Pointe Church
  • Feb 20, 2019
Full time Children's Pastor/Director

Job Description

LPC Kids Pastor


When you ask us what we do at Life Pointe Church, you won’t just get a job description; you’ll hear a story.  Miami metro is one of the least churched cities in America, and we are passionate about using our talents to reach this city for God’s purposes - that’s why we’ve dedicated our careers to a ministry, not just a job title. We have the privilege of leading people to become fully devoted followers of Christ.  As we lead, we strive to move the ball forward through innovation, generosity, and discipleship while we make a difference in South Florida – and have a ton of fun doing it!  Do you want to join us?

 The Life Pointe Church children’s ministry is dedicated to excellence in everything we do.  We are devoted to developing disciples, a great weekend experience, and purposefully taking steps forward.

 This is a full-time position, so if you are driven to make disciples and use your talents to further the gospel in South Florida, submit your resume to xp@lpc.is.



The person assuming this responsibility must be spiritually and emotionally mature, friendly and have a good attitude while in the work place.  It is also imperative to have good people skills, problem solving skills, communication skills and general computer skills. This position must also be able to function on a team and work closely with a large group of volunteers as well as the other staff members. In addition, they must be able to distinguish between the nature of a church environment which depends heavily upon its volunteers versus a secular environment which works mostly with paid employees.  This distinction is critical to the function and success of this position.  As a part of the Christian community, it is imperative that employees of the church understand that they are viewed as an example of Christian virtues and must be sensitive not to violate these virtues through, behavior, attitudes, actions or speech. 



The duties shall include the following:          


  • Ensure that all LPC Kids experiences start on time. 
  • Provide appropriate environment for age-specific groups.
  • Ensure that all stations are appropriately manned by volunteers for each service.
  • Provide age-specific curriculum for the varying age groups.


  • Recruit and train LPC Kids volunteers. 
  • Ensure that team attitude, dress, and skill level is conducive to the LPC Kids environment.
  • Conduct periodic fellowships for team-building.


  • Provide appropriate programming/events for Easter and Christmas. 
  • Work with the Pastoral team to plan and implement the annual Good Friday and Christmas Eve events. 


  • Work with the Pastoral team to plan programming for special events throughout the year.


  • Attend weekly staff meetings for general reporting on the ministries in this position’s portfolio.
  • Conduct regular training sessions for all staff/volunteers within your portfolio.
  • Attend a semi-annual All-Day Staff Planning Session. 
  • Familiarize yourself with the LPC Employees Handbook. 
  • Provide assistance to every ministry and department within the church by being available to answer questions, find solutions, and to help with their scheduling and set up needs.  
  • To represent LPC by expressing a warm welcome to guests, developing a strong bond of friendship with the congregational body, and serving as a liaison between the church and our community.
  • Assist Executive Pastor with annual Staff Evaluations for any staff members within your portfolio.