Elementary Kids Pastor

  • Cornerstone Fellowship
  • Livermore, CA, USA
  • Jun 23, 2019
Full time Children's Pastor/Director Preschool Pastor/Director

Job Description

The Elementary Pastor is the senior leader and pastor to Elementary Ministries for our Livermore Campus. Elementary is responsible for ensuring that the mission and values of Cornerstone Fellowship are carried out through an effective program to elementary kids and their families. This role will have a primary focus of leading teams of paid and unpaid staff to accomplish their tasks and responsibilities with the goal of helping every elementary kid take their next step with Jesus.


• Communicate with Elementary kids and their parents to build a relationship with them enabling opportunities to equip parents to lead their kids spiritually.
• Provide regular communication (emails, videos, website downloads, etc…) for leaders to effectively access and interact with weekly curriculum they are teaching.
• Work with others on the CF Kids Teams (Kids Operations, CF Kids Weekend Program Leader, CF Kids Early Childhood Leader, etc…) to make resources available to parents of Elementary aged kids. (Website, Print Media, Social Media, etc…)
• Ensure weekend programs and special events clearly communicate the truth of God’s Word to Elementary age children in a relevant, effective, and biblically sound way.
• Constantly identify ways to move the vision of the Elementary Ministry and Children’s Ministry forward (speaking, meeting with families, meeting with volunteers, etc…)

Kid’s Elementary Team Leadership
• In coordination with the overall direction of the CF Kids weekend program and the Campus CF Kids Program give direction and oversight to the CF Kids Weekend Elementary program.
• Provide leadership and coaching for Elementary leaders and teams.
• Create, adapt, write and execute effective curriculum for Elementary Small Group leaders to encourage and maximize effectiveness of ministry, including, but not limited to teaching, modeling, training, developing and planning.
• Create, adapt, write and execute effective curriculum for Elementary Large Group Ministry. Including but not limited to teaching, modeling, training, developing and planning.
• Coordinate with staff (paid & unpaid) in the preparation of supplies, room set-up and restocking for the weekend elementary program and services.
• Utilize Cornerstone Central to schedule Large Group teams.
• Coordinate with the Kids Volunteer Team Leader and the Kids Weekend Program Leader and for room leader needs each weekend.
• Ensure the Elementary program and strategy aligns with the overall Cornerstone Mission and Values.
• Take the lead in dealing with issues that relate to Elementary ministry staff, volunteers, and families.
• Ensure new volunteers joining the elementary team are given solid understanding of required tasks, ministry expectations, and ministry culture.
• Give input and give execution oversight to a yearly budget for Elementary Ministry.
• Regular presence on the Livermore campus for weekend services. Regular presence is defined as being present enough to effectively build teams, make informed decisions, and effectively evaluate current trends and needs. You and your supervisor will determine together what this schedule looks like.
• Lead, orchestrate and plan community-building and training events for various Elementary Teams
• Plan and Host regular parent/kid events around the spiritual milestone of Baptism.

Non-Weekend Program Responsibilities
• Assist with the implementation and execution of VBS, Summer Camp and Spiritual Milestone Events

Kids Team Livermore Leadership
• When necessary assist in areas outside of Elementary that serve to move the Cornerstone Kids or Livermore Campus forward in it’s effectiveness.

Multi-site Contribution (Although this position is not directly a multi-site position the following multi-site considerations will be expected)
• Will visit other campuses to provide insight, and collaborate with the CF Kids Team on their curriculum and program.
• Serve as a resource/adviser when needed for other campuses when it involves Elementary students or programming.

• Create and develop positions for unpaid staff and volunteers for program and curriculum preparation.
• Invite volunteers to participate in various roles of kids’ ministry.
• Train and mentor large groups of unpaid staff and volunteers so that they are empowered and equipped to do effective ministry.


• Pastoral gifting and experience
• Fundamental understanding of Biblical Doctrine
• Effective and experienced at equipping ministry leaders
• A growing Christian and regularly attends a Cornerstone Group and weekend services
• Leadership gifting & Training experience necessary
• Positive attitude, high integrity, excellent communication skills & works well with others
• Displays Christ-like behavior, treats others with dignity, respect & compassion
• Excellent time management, organizational and multi-tasking skills
• Is grace-oriented, has a shepherds heart, a good sense of humor and models humility
• Proficient at Microsoft Word, Excel, Cornerstone Central, Portals and Social Network
• These duties are not exclusive and with consideration of your job requirements and other skills, the job description can be amended at the discretion of your immediate supervisor.
• All other duties and responsibilities assigned by management

Must be Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ. Please visit our website at www.cornerstoneweb.org to learn more about our church.

To Apply - Please email your resume and cover letter to Lindaf@cornerstoneweb.org