Elementary Director

  • Crossroads Church
  • Douglasville, GA, USA
  • Aug 27, 2019
Full time Children's Pastor/Director

Job Description

If you find yourself entranced by the world of Disney, know about all of the latest viral dance moves, and are brilliant in connecting with parents, keep reading for more details.


Job Opportunity:

The Elementary Director at Crossroads Church will be responsible for leading, guiding, directing, organizing and building teams of volunteers in grades K-5th to lead a ministry that points kids to Christ through impactful, biblically relevant, worship experiences and authentic relationships.

If You Are:

  • Passionate about Jesus and love sharing Him with kids, families, volunteers, and people in the community.
  • Able to build a team that leads and executes the existing Elementary ministry mission and purpose by inspiring others to serve in XKidz.
  • Driven to reach kids who do not know Christ by being relevant and providing a great space for them to connect with other kids and leaders.
  • An advocate for connecting with parents and equipping them to be the leader of their child’s spiritual development.
  • An excellent communicator (written and verbal).
  • A person with a heart that is teachable.
  • A proven project and team manager with strong attention to details, able to meet deadlines and timelines for multiple projects at once, high-level leadership qualities, and great administrative and time management skills.
  • A high impact team builder who’s able to manage the details and responsibilities of an existing Large Group/Production and Small Group oriented Children’s Ministry.

You’ll Get To:

  • Lead and cultivate our high-energy, FUN, impactful, biblically relevant, and challenging Large Group Worship services for kids Kindergarten thru 5thgrade by providing excellent Service Programming.
  • Modify, adapt, and make improvements to elementary age Small Groups as needed to provide a high-quality program and an excellent small group experience for kids Kindergarten thru 5th
  • Lead, schedule, coach, recruit, develop, and build relationships with our volunteer teams to provide an engaging worship experience each week in a safe environment.
  • Ensure that all team members are fully equipped and empowered for successful ministry. This includes, consistent and regular communication, individual leadership development, weekly training videos, and ongoing auditions and rehearsals.
  • Provide and implement next level creative Family Experience ideas to generate momentum that excites kids and parents, wanting them to return with their friends.
  • Serve under the direction of the Children’s Ministry Director to evaluate and assess the overall experience of the Elementary ministry and its needs on a regular basis.
  • Collaborate with the Children’s Ministry Director and other team members to create and design excellent set designs, dynamic service programs, creative worship, and relevant bible experiences that will help kids understand biblical truths.

And the Cherry on top is if you:

  • Are already familiar with Orange Strategy and use Orange Curriculum.  Extra bonus points if you have next year’s Orange Conference blocked out on your calendar. 
  • Could jump on stage, tech booth, or small group to fill a role at a moment’s notice.
  • Have fun connecting with diverse people from various cultures and generations.
  • Regardless of how seasoned you are, you never think you’re too old to dress up as a Superhero!

See below for detailed weekly tasks and responsibilities. k.mcdaniel@xroadschurch.net


Elementary Weekly Responsibilities


City & Route 45 Large Group/ Production Leadership

                  -Large Group Scripts (coordinated with Curriculum Coordinator)

-Large Group Props

                  -ProPresenter Plans (4 weeks in advance)

                  -Skit Team Direction, Props, & rehearsals

                  -City Dance Crew & Rehearsals

                  -Create memorable engaging monthly Stage Designs

                  -Create dynamic memorable Quarterly FamJams in each environment

                  -Planning Center Scheduling (4 weeks in advance)

                  -Email scripts (weekly and 4 weeks in advance)


City & Route 45 Small Group Experience

                  -Evaluate, Modify, and Make improvements to Small Group Experience: Lead Small

-Small Group Lessons (coordinated with Curriculum Coordinator)

                  -Cultivate Community: Lead, Connect, and Disciple all Small Group leaders weekly

                  -Prepare volunteers in advance: Email small group lessons (4 weeks in advance)

                  -Communicate with volunteers weekly. Weekly email includes upcoming lesson


Elementary Environment Management

                  - Ensure Elementary Environments/Closets are clean, organized, and maintained

                  - Ensure 1st Time Elementary Kids Welcome Kits are stocked, updated, & given

                  - Ensure prizes are given to 2nd time Elementary Kids

- Ensure “We Miss You” cards are mailed to kids with 4 weeks of absence

                  - Disciple Volunteers w/Encouragement, Appreciation, Refreshments weekly

                  - Recruit, Lead, Develop, Schedule Teams to lead in Room 100 & Activities prepped
                  - Recruit and lead City Friends Team (Special Needs) Scheduled & Activities prepped

                  - Next Level Social Media plans, Go Weekly updates, and “Winning Shot” of the week

                  - Plan Monthly Splash Class, material prepped & Follow up with attendants/parents

                  -Ensure all props, small group material, bags are organized and reset post-service


City & Route 45 Volunteer Management

                  -Develop leaders by creating weekly Leader Emails & Weekly Walk Through videos

                  -Build community among volunteers by managing Volunteer Facebook Pages

                  -Lead and Develop Leaders through Crossroads Fully Equipped Training

                  -First Serve Experiences, applications, background checks, CCB Process Que’s

                  -Volunteer Scheduling and Recruiting

                  -Develop Elementary Coaches and Ensure weekly huddles are consistent in all areas  

                  -Ensure volunteer vests are sanitized/cleaned weekly

                  -Recruit, Develop, and Utilize Substitute leaders for all vacant Elementary roles


Staff Responsibilities

-Meet Goals, Initiatives, and Deadlines for all responsibilities

-Provide Leadership, Discipleship, and support for co-leaders at multisite campuses.

- Attend Conferences, Retreats and Experience larger Children’s Ministries

- Monthly Reviews, Quarterly Evaluations, Core Values, and Strength Development

- Spiritual Growth: Self Leadership, SOAP, and participate in a Small Group

- Support the vision and mission of Crossroads Church (multisite model)


Xplosion and Event Responsibilities

-Complete assigned duties for Xplosion, Kids Baptism Celebration, School Outreach events, or other assigned responsibilities.


Additional Goals and Responsibilities added as determined by Direct Report