Children's Pastor

  • Northbrook Church
  • Oct 22, 2019
Full time Children's Pastor/Director

Job Description

Reports to: Executive Pastor of Ministry Environments

Category of Employment: Full time

Payroll Status: Salary

Office Hours: 40-50 hours per week
(may be more during heavy ministry seasons)

Job Summary

To help fulfill the mission of Northbrook Church (“making compelling followers of Christ)” by developing programs and strategies to reach and disciple children and parents within the framework of the NB strategic plan of “Discover, Grow, Share”


  • Meet the Biblical qualifications of a leader (1 Tim 3:1-13)
  • Three years experience in children’s ministry
  • Proven capability in recruiting and developing leaders and teams
  • Able to develop and work within the structure of a team
  • Able to preach and teach
  • B.A. degree preferred but not required


  • Pursue a healthy relationship with God, ourselves, our family and work
  • Continually pursue growth as a pastoral leader
  • Live and defend the nb Staff Covenant (see below)
  • Work hard
  • Attend all scheduled meetings on time and prepared
  • Enjoy your job and have fun

General Pastoral Responsibilities

  • Actively participate in the pastoral duties of weddings, funerals, baptisms and child dedications when called upon.
  • Contribute to the Northbrook strategy of “Discover – Grow – Share”
  • Share in the “Pastor on call” rotation
  • Implement the nb Leadership Pipeline strategy to develop and equip leaders for ministry

Specific Ministry Responsibilities

  • Develop age-appropriate, creative and engaging environments for children ages birth – fifth grade
  • Lead and provide pastoral care for nbKids staff
  • Recruit, train and create a system of pastoral care and ongoing leadership development for nbKids volunteers
  • Develop a system of pastoral care and support for parents
  • Implement the Orange Strategy and Curriculum to involve and provide support in parenting
  • Actively collaborate as a member of the nb NextGen Team to create a familyfocused ministry

When submitting your resumé:

  • Please provide a video example of the applicant teaching/speaking, preferably in children’s ministry context (*Required)
  • Please provide any video, images or documents displaying your creativity and ability to lead.

A follow up email with instruction of where to send video links and additional media will be sent after application is submitted.


nbTeam Covenant

(for reference and review only)


We will intentionally dream, plan and work together within and across areas of ministry focus.

How am I contributing to a “non-siloed” culture of cooperation and teamwork?

Where am I leveraging the talent and skills of staff outside my primary team?


All in.

We will whole-heartedly support Northbrook mission, strategy, values and methods.

How do I live out Northbrook mission, strategy and values?


Make it better.

We will actively look for and share ways to improve Northbrook systems and culture.

What am I doing personally to help Northbrook improve as an organization?


Keep short accounts.

We will pursue each other with humility and kindness when there is relational conflict or offense.

Is there a reconciliation I need to pursue?


Replace ourselves.

We commit to intentionally develop others in our area of responsibility.

Who am I mentoring and empowering?


Embrace “healthy” tension.

We will be a safe place to ask “hard” questions, honestly evaluate health and foster creativity.

How do I manage the tension triggered by new ideas, evaluation and change?


Stay fit.

We will pursue a healthy relationship with God, ourselves, our family and work.

How am I taking care of myself spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally, and professionally?


100% for each other

We will show love, respect and support to all team members both privately and publicly.

How do my actions and attitudes show other team members that I am relationally safe and trustworthy?