Students Pastor

  • Cornerstone Fellowship
  • Walnut Creek, CA, USA, and Livermore, CA, USA
  • Nov 18, 2019
Full time Next Gen Director Youth/Student Pastor/ Director Children's Pastor/Director Preschool Pastor/Director Family Pastor

Job Description

Our Student Pastor responsible for the overall direction and leadership of both High School and Middle school for Cornerstone’s Walnut Creek or Livermore campus. The SML pastors, leads and equips a team of gifted volunteers as well as engages students to pursue Christ with wholehearted passion. Ministry leadership includes organizing and leading services and events, including weekend services, all in line with Cornerstone’s mission, vision and values.

• Connect regularly with the Campus pastor/Equipping lead to receive; Training, Affirmation, Feedback, Evaluation, Recognition, and Reflection.
• Oversee the equipping [ITAFERR] process for the Walnut Creek student community, aiding in the discovery and development of volunteer spiritual gifting and leadership abilities.
• Actively engage students and parents in the Equipping [ITAFERR] process.
• Host growth opportunities, both in spiritual and leadership development as well as in specific youth ministry skill development for the SM community.

• Lead the Walnut Creek SM community with clear vision – to make disciples of Jesus Christ.
• Communicate strategy and details of services, life groups and events concisely, always looking for opportunities to cast larger vision and receive feedback from staff, team members, parents and students.
• Passionately communicate and teach God’s word– both from stage and 1:1 with team members and students.
• Regularly communicate with SML’s from other campuses.

• Pastor the SM community’s volunteers, students and parents with Christ-like love, grace and encouragement.
• Encourage healthy team dynamics within the SM community.
• Offer team building opportunities throughout the year – have fun together!
• Oversee SM budget and other organizational processes (Central, HR, and Finance).


• Understanding of pastoral care for students and adults with a sound theology to support ministry leadership and foundational discipleship training.
• Demonstrate an active and growing relationship with Christ.
• Effective and experienced at creating dynamic environments relatable to young people.
• Proven organizational, administrative skill and experience.
• Demonstrates a gift of team building and is passionate about discipleship oriented Bible teaching.
• Excellent communication skills – Verbal (working with students and adults, public speaking, and 1:1) as well as written.