Next Gen Pastor

  • Grace Church
  • Durango, CO, USA
  • Jan 02, 2020
Full time Next Gen Director Youth/Student Pastor/ Director

Job Description

The Next Gen Pastor leads leaders of a thriving Grace Student Ministry (6th-12th) that shepherds students to leverage everything for those far from Jesus.

Step 1: Oversee and lead all major aspects of Grace Student Ministries, included but not limited to:

           Leadership of Teams:

  1. Identify, recruit and equip ministry leaders/host homes/small group leaders.

  2. Develop a strategy for building a leadership pipeline to train up/equip new leaders.

  3. Oversee development of curriculum that is engaging and Biblically age-appropriate.

  4. Champion the vision and discipleship strategy of Grace Church with leaders and


  5. Be a leader of leaders. Inspire, coach, and empower leaders to lead.

  6. Build a presence in local area middle school & high school campuses.

  7. Regularly, meet with and evaluate small group leaders.

    Leadership of Teens:

  1. Involve students in leadership roles using their gifts and passions.

  2. Oversee a small group model that promotes discipleship, encourages spiritual growth

    and service.

  3. Oversee the development of monthly high school, middle school and joint events

    throughout the year.

  4. Organize camps, retreats and missions trips (includes planning, fundraising and

    recruiting students/leaders).

    Leadership of Parents:

  1. Develop and maintain quality relationships with parents.

  2. Provide clear and consistent communication with parents.

  3. Encourage and provide parents with resources to disciple their teens.

    Leadership Within Pastor Team:

  1. Regularly, meet with Grow Up Pastor to evaluate progress on agreed upon quarterly goals.

  2. Work with the Grace Pastor Team in leading the church as a whole.

  3. As a Pastor Team member, we all assist with other various tasks to build the entire church.

Step 2​ = Make sure there is shared vision and direction with the Children’s Pastor to ensure smooth transitions between gKids and GSM.

Step 3​ = Once the GSM small group model and its leadership pipeline are built, begin the work of developing/recruiting leaders to establish a thriving college ministry.


  • Strong leadership, recruiting & team building skills
  • A leader of leaders
  • Humble & hungry
  • Good communicator/listener
  • Completes the Grace Church G3process
  • Completes a background check


  • 2+ years
  • 40 hrs/wk