Pastor of Children's Ministries

  • Northland Cathedral
  • Kansas City, MO, USA
  • Jan 14, 2020
Full time Children's Pastor/Director

Job Description

The NC Children’s Pastor is responsible for all aspects necessary to develop an environment encouraging the spiritual growth and development of children ages birth through 5th grade of the Northland Cathedral congregation and community.

This responsibility includes developing and implementing plans for the safety and security of all students and workers, curriculum selection, volunteer recruitment and development, classroom management, and taking steps necessary to ensure successful, and consistently improving, children’s services and periodic special events.

The NC Children's Pastor must understand they serve as an extension of the Lead Pastor’s ministry, and solely at his discretion.  They are expected to assist in all church services through leading, teaching, and preaching as requested by the Lead Pastor, as well as maintaining a relationship of accountability of ministry to your Lead Team Pastor.  

Routinely working to enhance communication skills, both verbal and written. Attending and participating in staff meetings and devotions.  Attending all services unless otherwise engaged in own area of ministry. Providing on-call pastoral care through phone conversations and hospital visitation during off-hours on the Pastoral Team rotation (roughly once every six weeks).  

They are expected to assist the Lead Pastor in strategic leadership fulfilling Northland Cathedral’s vision of ministry, as well as recruiting and training leaders and volunteers necessary for area of ministry.

It is expected they will develop and maintain a consistent calendar of age-appropriate services, events, and activities.  Raising funds to aid with ministry needs (curriculum, camps, mission trips, etc.) as well as demonstrating quality financial management over children's ministry budget while following Northland Cathedral financial policies.

Essential Job Functions

  1. Lead a team in the operation of a children’s ministry, including all regular services and periodic special events.
  2. Regularly select and/or develop curriculum for a children’s Christian education program that is part of the church’s service schedule.
  3. Implement children’s registration, classroom management, and security policies/practices in support of all services and special events.
  4. Direct the recruitment, training, and development of volunteers as needed to staff children’s ministry classrooms and other events.
  5. Cast vision for, and program, outreach events focused on children/families including music selection, development of messages/teaching, and utilization of games and other necessary elements.
  6. Design and plan periodic child dedication services as required, meeting the needs and expectations of families attending the church.
  7. Assist as requested in the development of an annual budget for children’s ministries and management of spending.
  8. Develop plans to help parents be successful in teaching their children the love of Christ, and to seek His purpose in their lives.
  9. Function as a member of the church’s Pastoral Staff performing baptism services, weddings, funerals, etc. as part of a rotation schedule.
  10. Perform other duties as assigned.



  • High energy, entrepreneurial, a 'people-person' with deep organizational skills
  • Desirous of working in children’s ministry as a way to serve God and advance His kingdom
  • Knowledge and skills to serve in children’s ministry
  • Strong leadership skills
  • Ability to work with children, volunteers, staff, and parents to coordinate children’s ministry
  • A problem-solver, with the ability to make changes, corrections and act quickly under pressure
  • Clearance of criminal background check
  • Abide by all personnel policies of Northland Cathedral
  • Self-starter and high degree of discipline and strategic focus


  • Servant attitude towards God, leaders, other team members, the church, and guests
  • A desire and ability to work as a team and cooperate with others to meet stated goals
  • Be punctual and attend all required events and activities
  • Follow directions and leadership of supervisor, Senior Pastor
  • Communicate openly and honestly with supervisor and staff about needs, problems, and ideas for improvement
  • Solve and resolve problems in a resourceful, Christ-like manner
  • Agree to abide by doctrinal tenets of the church as described in the bylaws