KIDS Pastor

  • NewPoint Church
  • NewPoint Church, 109 W Hartford Ave, Ponca City, OK, USA
  • Sep 09, 2020
Full time Next Gen Director Children's Pastor/Director Preschool Pastor/Director Family Pastor Orange Church

Job Description


The KIDS Pastor oversees all aspects of the Birth-5th Grade KIDS Ministry at NewPoint Church, including Sunday and Midweek services, Childcare for events and group meetings, KIDS camps and retreats, outreach to parents and families, and pastoral care, discipleship, and follow-up of all Birth-5th Grade children. They are tasked with developing leaders and teams to carry out the work of these ministries.


Specific Responsibilities:

Leadership, Oversight, and Team Development:

  1. Develop & oversee a cohesive “Think Orange” strategy and implementation plan for the spiritual growth of children from Birth – 5th Grade and children with special needs.
  2. Recruit, train, and develop a KIDS Ministry team to help carry out the KIDS ministry at NewPoint Church.
  3. Develop an outreach strategy and lead implementation to reach and assimilate new families.
  4. In collaboration with the YOUTH Ministry team, create a smooth transition for students entering 6th

 Pastoral Care and Relationships

  1. Pastor and shepherd KIDS Team members and their families.
  2. Cultivate authentic relationships with children and parents.
  3. Act as the primary pastor and shepherd for children Birth-5th
  4. In conjunction with the KIDS Ministry team, follow up with new or disconnected children and families to help them connect.
  5. Work closely with other staff and teams to fully integrate KIDS ministry into the total vision and mission of NewPoint Church.

 Communication and Training

  1. Regularly cast vision for a “Think Orange” ministry to the KIDS team members, parents, and congregation.
  2. Develop resources and communications to equip parents through teachings, experiences, family service opportunities, connection events, texts, social media, and email.
  3. Resource team members and leaders with the necessary tools and resources to carry out the ministry.
  4. Act as one of the primary communicators/teachers during large group KIDS gatherings and develop a team of other capable teachers.
  5. Lead regularly scheduled volunteer trainings.


  1. Organize and oversee childcare for all NewPoint Church events and activities needing childcare.
  2. Recruit, train, run background checks, and oversee all childcare workers according to NewPoint Church guidelines.


General Responsibilities:

  1. Maintain a consistent, close and growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Maintain healthy relationships at home with their family.
  3. Maintain a professional relationship with the pastors & staff.
  4. Other duties as assigned by the Lead Pastor.


Critical Job Requirements:

  1. Ability to develop and cast vision for KIDS ministry that fits into the total mission of NewPoint Church.
  2. Experience in developing and implementing a “Think Orange” model of KIDS ministry.
  3. Likable and connects well with children and parents.
  4. Effective at communicating the core truths and application of God’s word to children and parents in today’s culture.
  5. Creative and has the ability to generate and execute new ideas.
  6. Excels at administrative and organizational tasks.
  7. Ability to recruit, develop leaders, and lead a high-capacity team of volunteers.
  8. Ability to supervise and oversee multiple aspects of ministry and volunteers.
  9. Ability to counsel and care for the pastoral needs of children and families.
  10. Ability to multitask and work effectively on several items at once.
  11. Ability to handle high pressure situations and respond appropriately.
  12. Ability to work effectively as a team with the other staff and volunteers of NewPoint Church.
  13. Good written and oral communication skills.

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